So i decided to, after several years, ditch my Canon 7d and go for a more up to date camera. Having looked at all the options and viewed moving to Fuji Mirrorless i decided on the Canon 80d.

Why did i want to upgrade? Technology moves on plus i wanted a change and also im shooting more video now and even though the 80d doesnt shoot 4k, it shoots full HD.

First thoughts on the camera. Nice little unit similar size to the 7d and impressive.

First thing i knew when i did my research is that the 80d takes SD Cards unlike the 7d which takes Compact Flash cards. Cards are so cheap nowadays so that wasnt a valid downside and actually sd cards are cheaper than CF for the quality anyway.

The most obvious point on the 80d is that the screen flips out so you have no centre screen. Thats what i thought on first uses but then i realised you can actually rotate the screen and it actually flips back into the middle of the camera. This is a lovely little feature for video most definitely that it can flip out the screen.

Focus points compared to the 7d there are far more, this is a definite plus too, far more points to compose with.

The display Screen you can slide through the images eg like you do on a mobile.

All in all its a really good camera and a definite upgrade from my 7d. The image quality is very good and the video quality is superb, very sharp.

The only downside for me is software wise.

I have a fully legal copy of CS5 I bought years ago so i dont want to upgrade my software unless its absolutely necessary.

This said I have Photoshop CS5 – The Raw CR2 is not available in this version so you have to either download Digital Professional 4 or if you want to edit the RAW files like I do, you either have to upgrade your version of photoshop or do what i did use the Adobe DNG Converter.

All in all an excellent upgrade from the 7D Mark 1 and a good investment for my photography