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Ipswich Town Legends

Orford Ness

Hidden Tunnels

Dungeness – a Gem


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Jurassic London

So recently i went to see an attraction at Tower Bridge. A huge tyrannosaurus rex or T.Rex for short. Lots of media over here for the new Jurassic World movie so they decided to put this huge replica up, its a nice sight in my opinion, if you get time take a look.    

Skin Cancer Video

Canon 80D Camera Review

So i decided to, after several years, ditch my Canon 7d and go for a more up to date camera. Having looked at all the options and viewed moving to Fuji Mirrorless i decided on the Canon 80d. Why did i want to upgrade? Technology moves on plus i wanted a change and also im…

Dungeness – a Gem

If you live by the South coast you will know of Dungeness and its Power Station - if you dont is a lovely place to see for boats etc , great to try new photography techniques too you can use your imagination and get some gritty black and white shots etc. its very quiet and…

Ipswich Town Legends

In 2017 I was fortunate enough to attend as a photographer at the Ipswich Town Legends match. This was a true pleasure...

Tuition – Learn Photography

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Who ya Gonna call..Ghostbusters!

Last year at Waterloo station, to celebrate the new movie there was a marshmallow man at the station!  great fun and quite realistic i thought, heres a few pics:  

Scotney Castle

One Castle you must visit is ScotneyCastle. Truly stunning and beautifully preserved by the National Trust, heres a few pictures I took on my Visit.  
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