Coming Spring 2014!  Do you want help on how to use your camera? then this is for you!

Right from the very basics, understanding aperture,iso, shutter speed, composition and so much more!

Mailing list and enquiry details will be posted soon. A REAL Opportunity for you to learn and take control of your camera!

 MH 24711


DD Photographic is a site I have put together showcasing images I have taken over the past few years and current.

Throughout my days, nights I visit lots of different places, noth south, uk, abroad researching areas before I go so I can plan what to take with me and imagewise.
Some however are just spontaneous or impulsive and I snap away!

I take pictures of anything thats interesting, eye capturing. Most of the images on here are not photoshopped or very minimal if so. There are so many images that I have taken that I couldnt possibly put them all on here so if you are looking for a particular image, type of image or subject, feel free to contact me and I can send you what I have and you can buy images of most shots I have taken.

make sure you bookmark this site and feel free to keep checking back for updates.

Enjoy the images.

Dominic Dean (DD Photographic)

 MG 1842


To contact us, you can email us below:

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