Services we offer are Corporate Shoots and One to One Tuition. Corporate Shoots for your brand, website or fresh update of your staff services and more. Tuition is at a location mutual to us both and will be structured so we know exactly what you want to learn so we can reach the goal to help you take pictures the way you want to and is taught at your pace.

1 Corporate Shoots
We have taken images for companies who have a new brand, some who want to freshen their website so need new images or some who want whole new shots of their staff and business for website, brochures and more. Just contact us to enquire.

Whatever you want to learn from literally just using your camera up to using a certain aspect of it, nothing is too small or silly, we will help you and explain it in simple terms and will give you a brief handout after so you can remember if you want it as a reference. Contact us for further information and let us know your request. never stop Learning

I often get asked by people how I do things with my camera and how I learnt. Yes I did have advice from people, no real training as such, I taught myself. Theres so much to learn in photography but if you concentrate on what you want to shoot once you have decided, you can then learn and tailor the skills to suit your subject. Whatever you want to learn we can help!