ABOUT US -2022


Things you might want to know.

  • 1. How long etc - We have been taking pictures for a number of years now. The pictures are taken on an Olympus Pen and a Canon 7D. Wide angle lenses, zoom and prime lenses shooting bokeh enable us to get the shots we want and also enable us to be experimental too. We are based in London & Kent, UK. We Spend lots of time capturing different images from 1.4 Aperture up to F22. We dont use flash, predominantly natural light which is our friend.
  • 2. Images and Usage - All Images posted on here are owned by DD Photographic. There are far more images available than can be posted on here. Its not humanly possible for us to post every picture but theres many subjects and images on request if you would like a picture you are after, please let us know.